Employee monitoring: productivity booster or morale buster?

The use of employee monitoring software has risen sharply but its negative impact on staff morale could outweigh any benefits by Sophie Mackenzie

The spread of hybrid working has led to an increase in employee monitoring in the US, with “eight of the ten largest American companies” using tracking software to keep tabs on their employees, according to a Harvard Business Review article by Nir Eyal, who cites figures from a New York Times piece.

Research would seem to back this up: a report by Spherical Insights & Consulting valued the global employee monitoring software market at US$1.12bn in 2021 and predicts that it will reach US$2.1bn by 2030. In the UK, according to research commissioned by compliance training firm Skillcast, 12% of companies use online software to track their employees, rising to 16% at larger organisations.
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Published: 19 Jan 2023
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