CISI introduces new sustainable and responsible investment course for practitioners to help unravel the jargon around ethical finance

By Lora Benson | Apr 12, 2021


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The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) has introduced a new online, intermediate-level course covering the important area of sustainable and responsible investment, that provides the knowledge and information to unravel the jargon for financial services practitioners.

The CISI Sustainable and Responsible Investment Professional Assessment is an online course requiring 6 hours study time/CPD hours which can be undertaken anytime, anywhere and on any device. A mix of interactive content, the course comprises videos, interviews, some reading and extra references and materials, allowing the learner to study at their own pace and then take the 60 minute test at the end.

The new CISI Sustainable and Responsible Investment online course, for which there is also a Spanish version in development, is aimed at both CISI members and non-members and will appeal to anyone with a general interest in this rapidly expanding area of ethical finance.

Designed by a global team of experts, the new CISI course is relevant for wealth and investment managers advising clients, but also those working across other financial services functions, including risk, compliance, asset management, banking, insurance, operations and financial planning. A certificate is supplied on completion of the course to demonstrate competence.

In an investment context, the incorporation of sustainable and responsible investment presents new challenges to traditional portfolio construction. It is, typically, viewed as an investment constraint, but this is not always the case, and this CISI Professional Assessment explains why. The course gives the learner an overview of terminology used, explains the use of benchmarks and examines future trends.

The course content includes:

Definitions and terminology

The crossover with ESG

Initiatives, standards and guidance

Global developments

Regulatory concerns and requirements

Identifying greenwashing

Appropriate benchmarking strategies

Client sustainability objectives

ESG integration

The future sustainable and responsible landscape

Kevin Moore, Chartered FCSI, CISI Global Business Development Director said: “Threats such as climate change and populations growing across the world indicate that sustainable and responsible investment approaches that seek to consider environmental good and financial return are in demand. There is more focus than ever before on sustainability, green investment and environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. There is also increasing emphasis coming from regulators on integrity in this area, including anticipated reporting requirements and a need for all professionals to understand the key concepts with regards to responsible finance.

Our recent survey showed that only 20% of UK financial services professionals were confident their firms are committed to ethical finance policies and ESG principles. Our new Sustainable and Responsible Investment course provides practitioners with the knowledge required to provide investors with the confidence and trust they need to embrace this rapidly expanding area.

“Ahead of the UK hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in November this year, the focus for global financial services practitioners - for themselves, their clients and their firms - is to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to speed in this fast-moving ESG area.”

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