Navigating the world of Fintech

Disruptive Fintechs, are fundamentally changing the financial services sector and its essential that practitioners understand how to harness its power. We have a range of stimulating, educating and challenging resources to help you successfully navigate this transformation.

Blockchain/ Cryptocurrency

The Fintech Future

Financial technology (fintech) has transformed the financial landscape in recent years, dramatically changing the way consumers access and use services and products. The breadth of fintech solutions only continues to grow. It is essential, therefore, that practitioners understand fintech and how to harness its power.

The global fintech market is projected to reach £590.12 billion by 2030 1
By 2026, £486 billion worth of off transactions worldwide will be made with the Buy Now Pay Later model 2
Fintech companies with ESG mandates will enjoy exponential growth2

1Fintech (Financial technology) Market Size Report, Growth, Forecast 2022-2029

2Top Fintech Trends to Watch In 2023 – Forbes Technology Council

Getting started in fintech

Fintech is reshaping the financial services sector with implications for career choices. The opportunities are near-limitless if you’re willing to reimagine what’s possible and refuse to let legacy structures and thinking get in the way.

The financial technology industry is not as daunting as it might seem. All you need is relevant skills and knowledge of the space to make room for yourself in this industry.

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Wealthtech covers a range of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, that provide an alternative to traditional wealth management techniques. The aim of wealthtech is to reduce management costs and optimise investment performance.


A cyber-attack can take place in various forms, potentially resulting in the paralysis of a computer system or the theft, loss or breach of data. It can lead to significant disruption and loss of credibility amongst clients. Awareness is key for organisations when it comes to being able to understand and identify the different types of cyber threats.

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency

Blockchains are becoming increasingly popular in the financial services sector for many reasons – from powering cryptocurrencies to transparently recording a ledger of payments, exploring medical research, creating voting systems, streamlining supply chains, and so much more.

Payment Technology

As fintech expands globally, both established and up-and-coming firms are offering payment solutions. The goal of fintech payments is to allow people to make payments more quickly, simply and securely.


Regtech refers to technology that helps streamline and strengthen regulatory and compliance processes. As compliance requirements increase, so does the usage and importance of regtech.