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We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge new Learning Platform, designed to revolutionise how CISI members access and consume our world-class CPD content to meet their needs. The innovative platform provides a unique, engaging and tailored user experience, offering diverse learning opportunities for everyone.

From intelligent CPD recommendations that learn about your interests to curated collections covering key topics, the new platform brings all CISI CPD digital learning into one accessible and streamlined area.

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All in one

Your one-stop CPD hub

Introducing your all-inclusive resource for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – a centralised hub that brings all CISI digital learning together.

Imagine having a wealth of resources right at your fingertips, including thought-provoking articles featured in The Review, engaging educational videos on CISI TV, and enriching Professional Refresher modules. The entire spectrum of CPD materials is now seamlessly integrated within the realms of the CISI Learning Platform.

CPD recommendations

CPD recommendations that evolve as you do

Our intelligent algorithms analyse your preferences and learning history using machine learning to quickly search through over 2,500 items of CPD content to provide you with personalised CPD recommendations that evolve as you do.

Seamlessly adapting to your needs

Every piece of content you like, rate and save will improve your experience. Seamlessly adapting to your needs, the platform learns about you over time, ensuring that your learning journey is as unique as you are.

Explore content effortlessly

Experience a streamlined learning journey with our upgraded tagging system. Navigate through interconnected CPD resources effortlessly, enhancing the intuitive nature of your educational exploration.

Also, don't miss our "You May Be Interested In" section, which can be found at the end of each piece of content and is tailored to further enrich your learning experience.

Enhanced user experience

Innovation meets learning

Experience the next generation of CPD through our newly introduced design that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with functional simplicity. This redesign not only demonstrates our commitment to advancing CPD but also reflects our dedication to improving your learning journey.

Explore CPD resources effortlessly as you navigate through this revamped, user-centered interface.

Fully responsive

Whether you're using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the new design adapts effortlessly, offering a consistent and user-friendly experience.

Keep tabs on your progress

Take charge of your learning journey with our intuitive tracking feature. Seamlessly manage and retrieve saved, ongoing, and completed learning modules. Plus, conveniently access CPD content assigned by your firm, and if applicable, effortlessly retrieve any purchased content.

This user-friendly system ensures that you stay in control of your professional development.

Introducing Collections

Dive into expertly curated learning collections

Immerse yourself in a world of expertly compiled educational content designed to enrich your understanding of specific subjects. These hand-picked collections represent a curated selection crafted by subject experts, guaranteeing a comprehensive grasp of targeted topics. With the ability to save numerous curated collections, you can easily create your personalised repository of knowledge.

Each collection encapsulates a wealth of perspectives, insights, and knowledge, meticulously assembled to guide your exploration. Whether you're delving into complex subjects or expanding your expertise, these collections serve as a testament to our commitment to enhancing your learning journey.

Discover content easily

New ways to discover knowledge

Explore our new browsing methods which present a new approach to uncovering CPD. Navigate through the latest trends and hottest topics, gaining insights into what's capturing attention. Engage with the most popular content of the month, immersing yourself in subjects that resonate with you or just browse through the most recent content.

Brand new intelligent search tools

Experience the power of our newly developed search tools, designed to elevate your search experience and expedite your journey to finding precisely what you need. When you're on the lookout for specific information, our search functionality ensures quicker and more accurate results than ever before.

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