Membership of the CISI

CISI membership is a compelling marker of professionalism in the financial services sector. Whatever stage of your career you are at, CISI membership highlights to colleagues, clients and the wider professional sphere a commitment to professionalism and the highest standards of knowledge, skills and behaviour.

Why Become a CISI Member?

As a member of a Chartered professional body you will benefit from an enhanced status in the financial services sector globally. You will become a part of an organisation which holds the respect of governments and firms around the world, and can communicate with the public on an authoritative and clear level.

Through the various grades of membership you can gain designatory letters. These, added to your CV, business cards or LinkedIn profile, indicate your knowledge of, and experience within, the financial services profession. You can also strive to become personally Chartered and achieve the pinnacle of professionalism. Chartered members of a Chartered body are highly regarded and qualified professionals, and are considered experts in their fields.

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A Range of Development Opportunities

Members’ development as professionals is the aim and purpose of the CISI, and the resources we make available ensure that they have all the opportunities to learn, develop and progress in their careers.

MyCISI, the online members portal, gives access to a range of resources to keep members up-to-date with professional developments, maintain regulatory compliance and demonstrate continuing learning. This includes CISI TV where members can view recent CPD seminars, an online edition of the Review, which can be read through the mobile app, and Professional Refresher, the CISI’s online training solution. This means that all the insight, updates and news available can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

CISI members all have their own online CPD record. All of the CPD members undertake is automatically added to their CPD records, removing the administrative headache of manually adding CPD.

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Excellent Networking Potential

Our members have free access to over 500 events annually, including seminars, forums and interest groups. Not only can members earn CPD for attending these events, and have it automatically added to their CPD record, they also provide unparalleled networking opportunities.

Events give members an opportunity to meet, discuss, and make connections to benefit themselves, their firms and the professional sector. Thanks to a network of 24 branches across the UK, as well as 9 international branches, members always have access to opportunities local to them.

The CISI also hosts a range of conferences and training courses open to members and non-members. The conferences provide an excellent overview of the professional sector, whilst courses give expert insight into focus areas.

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Grades of membership

The CISI has five different grades of membership. Whether you are just starting out in the profession; have achieved a relevant professional qualification; or you are an established practitioner with a wealth of experience, there is a grade appropriate for your level.

You also have the opportunity to become personally chartered – the pinnacle of professionalism.

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Student Affiliate Associate (ACSI) Member (MCSI)

Chartered Member (Chartered MCSI) Chartered Fellow (Chartered FCSI) 

As an alternative to the traditional route to Membership, senior practitioners may apply for MCSI status via experience

Member Badges

As a CISI member, you will have access to personal member badges which are designed to help you differentiate yourself from your peers, display your achievements as a CISI member and ensure you maintain your competitive edge.

The member badges available are related to your membership grade (Affiliate to Chartered Fellow) and any qualification-based title or certifications you have (Chartered Wealth Manager, CFP™ professional and/or Accredited Paraplanner.)

Mentoring Scheme

The CISI mentoring scheme is a brand-new benefit available to all CISI members, offering the opportunity for members to support one another. We hope that through building strong and trusting relationships, aspiring members can gain the knowledge, confidence and self-awareness that will empower them and further their careers.

The mentoring platform will facilitate a structured exchange of knowledge and experience to benefit both mentors and mentees.

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Membership Fees

All new membership applications, with the exception of Student applications, are payable on a pro-rata basis, depending on the time of year that the application is made.

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Membership Rules & Regulations

All new CISI members are required to demonstrate their commitment to ethical behaviour by completing an online integrity test - IntegrityMatters. This enables members to demonstrate tangible evidence of their commitment to integrity.

All members of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment must abide by the Royal Charter & Bye-laws, Regulations, and uphold its high standards as published in its professional Code of Conduct and Membership Regulations. For information on the CISI's admission processes and rules, please read our Membership Admission Policy document, which covers all membership fee information, billing, lapsing and the reinstating processes. Please also read Annex 2 which forms part of the membership declaration.