Renew your Statement of Professional Standing

CISI members who hold a Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) can renew their SPS simply and easily. Through our online renewal system members can put through a renewal application quickly, without any need for paper. For those who cannot renew online, a manual SPS renewal form can be completed.

Online Renewal

You can now renew your SPS online using the SPS Renewal System which can be accessed via MyCISI. You will need your login details to access this area of the website. Renewing online will ensure you get instant confirmation of your renewal and if your firm is a verifier, they can track the progress of your application. Guidance on how to renew can be found here.

All SPSs can be renewed up to 60 days prior to the expiration of an SPS and all individuals will be provided with reminder emails in advance of this.

In order to renew your SPS, you must ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Retail Investment Adviser as defined by the FCA
  • Hold an Active FCA IRN number and be registered on the FCA Directory
  • Have completed 35 hours RDR relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on the CISI CPD Scheme or CISI Accredited CPD Scheme (please note that if you have been out of work or on gardening leave, it is still a mandatory requirement that you meet 35 hours RDR relevant CPD)
  • Complied with the COCON requirements (or Adhered to APER applicable to Appointed Representatives only)
  • Confirmation of Adherence to the CISI's Code of Conduct
  • Agree to SPS terms and conditions
  • Apply before your SPS expires
Renew Online Now 

If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please email


Application Type Price
Member - paying for SPS at application. £36

Due to a recent change in interpretation of guidance on VAT from HRMC, we are no longer required to charge VAT on SPS fees

Selecting your SPS Date

Please find below a few things you would need to keep in mind when selecting your SPS date:

Your SPS date needs to be:

  • Set after passing your appropriate qualification/gapfill
  • Need to be within three months after your CPD year-end date

Adding RDR specialist areas

Please note:We have made the decision to withdraw gap-fill as it is no longer appropriate to fill the gaps as a result of changes made to the exam standards by the FCA. The deadline to undertake and lodge your gap-fill with us is 31 December 2020. Please see our FAQs for more information.

The CISI can add specialist areas to an adviser's SPS once this has been issued. There are two ways to do this:

  • Adding a specialist area at the SPS renewal - there is a section in the renewal form to add the area and advisers just need to attach evidence.
  • Adding a specialist area during the current SPS year. Advisers need to email evidence to asking for this additional area to be added to the SPS. A new SPS will not be issued as the SPS does not outline the specialist areas, however the CISI system will be updated and this will be available to the FCA.

Please note that advisers can, and are advised, to apply for additions to specialist areas in advance of renewing their SPS wherever possible. Please click here to determine qualification and gap-fill requirements for specialist areas.

Manual renewal

You will be unable to use the online SPS system and will need to complete a manual SPS application form if you:

  • Have a gap within your renewal
  • currently hold your SPS with another provider but wish to renew with the CISI
  • are realigning your SPS date
  • have been on long term leave due to sickness/maternity
  • SPS has expired
  • are applying for an initial SPS. (Please use the initial application form to do this)

Information on our manual SPS renewal process

SPS renewal user guide

Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you are familiar with the following terms and conditions before making or renewing an SPS application.

SPS Terms & Conditions
RDR CPD Requirements
SPS Disciplinary Process - This policy relates to discipline in relation to the CISI’s SPS decisions, in accordance with the UK Regulator’s requirements.
SPS Appeals Process - This policy relates to appeals in relation to the CISI’s SPS decisions, in accordance with the UK Regulator’s requirements.