Membership Rules & Regulations

All members of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment must abide by the Royal Charter & Bye-laws, Regulations, and to uphold its high standards as published in its professional Code of Conduct and Membership Regulations. For information on the CISI's admission processes and rules, please read our Membership Admission Policy document, which covers all membership fee information, billing, lapsing and the reinstating processes. Please also read Annex 2 which forms part of the membership declaration.

Membership Regulations

April 2024

June 2023

March 2022

Membership regulation update

Membership Regs Update April 2024

Membership Regs Update June 2023

Membership Regs Update March 2022

Membership Integrity Requirements

All new CISI members are required to demonstrate their commitment to ethical behaviour by completing an online integrity test, IntegrityMatters.

IntegrityMatters is an online integrity test designed to highlight dilemmas practitioners may face at work and provides a unique way to test your ability to make ethical decisions in the workplace.

Completing the IntegrityMatters test allows you to demonstrate tangible evidence of your commitment to integrity. You must complete the test within three months of joining, and all membership benefits will be accessible upon successful completion.

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Chartered Wealth Manager Policy

This policy relates to the process for voting members to obtain and maintain Chartered Wealth Manager status.

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Individual Charter Policy

This policy relates to the process for Individual Chartered members to maintain their Chartered status.

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How to complain about a member

Professionals within the securities and investment professions owe important duties to their clients, the market, the professional sector and society at large. Where these duties are set out in law, or in regulation, the professional must always comply with the requirements in an open and transparent manner.

Membership of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) requires members to meet the standards set out within the Institute’s Principles. These Principles impose an obligation on members to act in a way beyond mere compliance and to support the underlying values of the Institute.

Material breach of the code of conduct would be incompatible with continuing membership of the CISI. and if you consider that someone whom you know or believe to be a member of the CISI, has acted in a professional capacity that you consider to be inappropriate or unprofessional, then we invite you to advise the Institute using the attached complaint form.

Please note that a complaint to the Institute is not a substitute for using a firm’s established complaint handling procedure, nor can it cover complainants seeking financial redress, in which case complaints should be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

  CISI member complaints flowchart

  CISI member complaint form*

* Completed forms may be sent via email to or by mail to the CISI for the attention of the head of professional standards.

CISI Disciplinary Process

The CISI has an established disciplinary process to consider infractions by members of its membership regulations and Code of Conduct. Disciplinary action has recently been taken against the following members.

Disciplinary action was taken against the following:

Nicholas Lanzl MCSI
11th July 2019
Following notification that Mr Lanzl had been subject to disciplinary action by his employer, he was invited to appear before a Disciplinary Panel. The Panel, having considered the matter and the member’s submissions, determined that Mr Lanzl was in breach of the CISI Membership Regulations and CISI Code of Conduct, and that he should receive a reprimand and be required to complete an additional three hours of CPD focused on data protection within a 12 month period.

SPS Disciplinary Process

This policy relates to discipline in relation to the CISI’s SPS decisions, in accordance with the UK Regulator’s requirements.

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SPS Appeals Process

This policy relates to appeals in relation to the CISI’s SPS decisions, in accordance with the UK Regulator’s requirements.

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