Privy Council consents to CISI awarding financial planners top designation and for selected firms to be Chartered

By Lora Benson | Jul 28, 2021


The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) is delighted that the Sovereign has approved a recommendation by the Privy Council that the CISI may use the designation Chartered Fellow (Financial Planning) for CISI members who have achieved the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification.

Firms which meet the necessary criteria will be able to describe themselves as CISI Chartered Firms.

The criteria will be published in due course, once they have been agreed and ratified by the CISI membership committee and full Board.

Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI said: “Almost six years after the Institute merged with the Institute of Financial Planning, we are delighted to be able to award this group the highest level of recognition, Chartered Fellow (Financial Planning). Those CISI members who hold the CISI Chartered Wealth Manager qualification have long been recognised by their peers, so it is a delight that we can now similarly do so for financial planners.

“Once we’ve put into place some key internal processes, we look forward to receiving applications for these new Chartered designations from our firms and members which will ultimately enhance consumer confidence in our profession worldwide.

“This is part of our ongoing work to increase the professionalisation of CISI global members, for which we have worked since our formation in 1992 and builds upon our motto ‘My word is my bond’.”



Notes to editors

The new designation ‘Chartered Fellow (Financial Planning)’ will allow those CISI members with the global CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification to complement their CFPTM designation with this new Chartered status.

The CISI ‘Chartered Firm’ status will be available now for CISI members who operate in the wider investment management and securities sector, demonstrating outright to their stakeholders, once criteria has been met, that the firm and its staff has achieved the pinnacle of professionalism.