CISI encourages women in the Nigerian capital market on gender equity

By Lora Benson | Apr 21, 2022


Lagos, 25 March 2022: Nigerian women in the capital market have been urged to add more value to their contributions towards achievement of organisational goals, in order to bridge the inequality gap between them and their male counterparts.

Some women in the Nigerian capital market have distinguished themselves in different areas, including exceptional leadership at various levels. It is important to encourage women at a wider level to exhibit self-confidence to display their skills.

In a paper entitled: “Supporting Equity for the next Generation: Women in the Nigerian capital market “, during a recent CISI Nigeria Member Forum, CISI Assistant Director, Global Business Development, Helena Wilson Chartered MCSI explained that gender equity contributed to economic growth, expanded stock of human capital, bringing diversity of thought. Wilson noted that women should aspire to serve at senior level and maintain professional balancing in the workplace.

“Move from equality to equity. Obtain buy in at senior level. We must support mentoring, hybrid working, ensure flexibility, reduce banter and recognise that we need to tackle these factors earlier in careers,” said Wilson.

Corroborating her, a panelist and the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Cowry Securities, Ms. Nkoli Edoka highlighted the need for women to have self-confidence to compete with their male counterparts. Edoka also advocated fairness in the type of work schedule allocated to women by considering the uniqueness of a woman. She argued that given an enabling environment, women would be at par with men in performance.

Another Panelist and Executive Director, Teakwood Advisory Partners, Mrs Florence Umoh advised women to challenge themselves on the value they can bring that will have multiplier effects on the corporate objectives. Mrs Umoh said this will lead to a paradigm shift for women. She emphasized the need for women to engage in personal development to be on top of changes in the operating environment.

In his closing remarks, CISI Country Representative in Nigeria, Dr John Osuoha encouraged CISI members in Nigeria to take up the huge advantages which the qualifications provide at a global level.